April 08, 2019

Graduated to 7th Dan

I was promoted and graduated to 7th Dan by my Sensei Pavao Piacun Shihan at Karate training camp in Porec Croatia - it was a huge honour to receive as a present from my Sensei a red-white belt with embroided at one end his name and at the other „Gigo Kai Ryu Karate Do“.

April 22, 2016

9th Dan for my Sensei Pavao Piacun

It was time!

Sensei Pavao Piacun has been awarded with the 9th Dan and the title of Hanshi Saiko Shihan! Congratulations!

January 15, 2016

Article in the newspaper Könizer Zeitung

Article about me and my meanings and philosophy about Karate Do and life in general.

The article can be downloaded here:


January 10, 2016

Karate Do diminishes the propensity of young people to use violence!

The University of Regensburg Germany has published another very interesting study. It documents the very positive effects of Karate Do on the nonviolent behaviour of young people. According to this study Karate Do reduces the propensity of young people to use violence, but at the same time increases the self-confidence and the self-awareness. This is maybe the reason why Karate Do, in comparison with other sports, reduces the propensity to use violence far more significantly: Because Karate Do promotes and strengthens self-confidence, self-awareness and well being much stronger than other sports.

This study (in German language) can be downloaded here:


January 10, 2016

A Study of the University of Regensburg Germany proves: Karate Do strengthens the Health of Seniors!

1975 I began with Karate Do and since then I practiced by many grandmasters.

Since 2002 I practice again by my first (and only) Sensei in the Dojo at Monbijoustrasse 10 in Berne Switzerland. This Dojo exists since over 40 years and is the oldest Dojo of Berne and one of the oldest and most famous throughout Switzerland.

Obviously also for that reason it is that almost every day a lot of elderly people are practicing in this Dojo. Frequently the average age is far over 40 years. There are also Karateka that have more than 70 springs!

How good Karate Do training can do and how positive the combination of psychomotor and cognitive training on elderly people can be, proves an impressive study of the University of Regensburg Germany.

Together with a University in Switzerland we now want to investigate, if Karate Do can possibly be used as a measure against Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

The study of the University of Regensburg (only in German language) can be downloaded here:


January 10, 2016

The Meaning of «Banzai»

  • ten thousand years

  • eternity or eternal life

  • hurrah, long life

  • in the death of a high-ranking person

January 10, 2016

The Philosophy of Asking

«Tou ha ichiji no haji, towanu ha matsudai no haji»

To ask may be a moment of embarrassment, but not to ask - and to remain ignorant - is a shame for ever!

Otomo Sensei

January 10, 2016

Specific Kata Seminars

Dear Karateka,

As you already may have seen browsing my website, I love Kata and am a real specialist for Kata of the Karate Do styles Shisui Ryu, Shotokan Ryu, Fudokan Ryu, Mushin Do Ryu and Asai Ryu. Altogether I master far over 50 different Kata, which are listed on the page Kata. I gladly pass on my knowledge in specific Kata seminars. Please contact me either per E-mail or phone – see Contact.

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