The first documented fighting styles, containing hand as well as feet techniques, are almost 6000 years old and derive from the Assyrian. Since ever humans have an affinity to fighting and competition. But not only human beings. Nature is generally focused on fighting and competition. This is the main reason for its progress and evolution. That’s why we human beings – as well as most creatures on our planet – are basically a warlike and fierce race.

Therefore it’s assumed that since mankind exists, fighting techniques where individually and independently practised and developed all over the world where people lived. And as human beings principally resemble one another, also these fighting techniques resembled each another.

Further historical documents are going back to the era of the old Greek (2000 B.C.), the Greek (700 B.C.) and the Roman.

The oldest found reports of a martial art come from China. The martial art was called Xiangpu and originates from the 13th century B.C.

Vajramushti, a martial art from India, was documented for the first time almost 100 years B.C. and the first documented Sumo fight goes back to 23 B.C.

Even if no written proves were found, fighting techniques surely were developed and practised centuries and millennia ago in every region where people lived.

Fighting techniques evolved to fighting styles and finally to martial arts. These were exported from everywhere to everywhere. For instance by Genghis Khan or Hannibal from Asia to western Europe, or by the Roman, Alexander the Great, Marco Polo and – in newer period – European from Europe to Asia, Africa and America.

So it too happened that martial arts were brought by emigration and immigration from China to Japan or Korea and vice-versa. By mixing the different martial arts, respectively by integrating the most effective and efficient fighting techniques in existing fighting styles and by inclusion of various philosophies, views and interpretations, the today known martial arts as Karate Do, Kung Fu, Judo, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Teakwondo, etc. were created.

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