1950 the monk Ryusho Otomo founded on Okinawa the style Mushin Do Ryu (the way of the empty spirit), which he had developed out of Uechi Ryu and different Chinese boxing styles. In the same decade Ryusho Otomo brought his Mushin Do Kempo, as it was then called, to France. In the following years it came to England, where it was taught in private clubs to secret service agents and other privileged persons.

Mushin Do Ryu is a style of Karate Do that emphasises particularly the mental and healthy aspects. Many techniques of Mushin Do Kempo correspond to unchanged forms that originate from Bodhidharma and were taught in the Buddhistic Shaolin cloister and practised in many Buddhistic temples.

At the beginning of the 15th century the monks Se-Ke-Ko and Chu-Te-Cho brought these techniques to the Ryukyu isles where they henceforth were taught. Many people regard Mushin Do Ryu and both the Okinawian styles Akito Ryu and Jonaburu Ryu as the three traditional Okinawian Karate Do styles who contain and teach practically unchanged forms of meditative Chinese Kata. These three schools form an alternative line in the doctrine of Karate Do to that of the masters Shungo (Tode) Sakugawa and Sokon (Bushi) Matsumura. Ryusho Otomo’s grandfather Gunto Otomo shall have been one of the teachers of Yasutsune (Anko) Itosu, the teacher of Gichin (Shoto) Funakoshi.

Ryusho Otomo

«Tou ha ichiji no haji, towanu ha matsudai no haji.»

To ask may be a moment of embarrassment, but not to ask - and to remain ignorant - is a shame for ever!

Otomo Sensei

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