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Shisui Ryu Karate Do

Shisui means Silent Water and has its origin in a surname that Shihan Pavao Piacun got from his Sensei Tetsuji Murakami.

The expression Shisui is formed by the Japanese Kanji (graphic characters) for to stop and water. Shisui can therefore be read as allegory for the power of standing water. It involves a calming force which permanently acts in all directions, but which also can quite suddenly be unleashed with boisterous energy.

Shisui Ryu Karate Do is an affiliation of both the styles Shotokan Ryu or rather Gigokan Ryu and Mushin Do Ryu, which Kata and techniques were created or further developed by Shihan Piacun.

So there are besides the 26 Shotokan Ryu Kata more than 20 other forms which were either created or developed by Shihan Piacun or have its origin in the traditional Okinawian Karate Do as well as in the Chinese martial arts.

Shihan Pavao Piacun created by his own the Kata Taikyoku Yondan, Taikyoku Godan, Izumaki Sho, Jion no Ichi, Gankaku Sho and Yuchinin (details see Kata).

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